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Generate and monitor IP/ICMP/TCP/UDP traffic from clients to servers to test routers, servers and firewalls.

Version 11


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Network Traffic Generator and Monitor is a practical and reliable piece of software that comes in handy for users who need to quickly monitor IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP traffic into a secure environment. It helps them to analyze network traffic from clients to servers in order to stress servers and firewalls.
Since it is designed mostly for network administrators, the program enables them to emulate client and server activity within seconds.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
The application sports a simple and straightforward interface from where you can access what option you want and configure all the settings according to your needs.
You can easily search a specific domain name by specifying its IP address, generate network traffic, set the number of pings, as well as limit the lifespan or lifetime of data stored in a computer or network.
IP traffic generation and measurements
With the help of Network Traffic Generator and Monitor you are able to monitor almost every aspect of each server activity, while generating network traffic effortlessly.
By accessing the ‘Network Monitor’ option, you are able to inspect ICMP, IP, TCP and UDP statistics, as well as preview basic details such as established connections, failed attempts, outgoing resets, failed fragmentations, maximum connections and echo replies, to name a few.
Also, in case you want to generate UDP network traffic, you are required to specify the UDP server you want to communicate to. After that, press the ‘Connect’ button and let the application to generate all the necessary information.
A reliable traffic monitoring utility
Considering all of the above, Network Traffic Generator and Monitor is an interesting and useful application which can assist you in generating network traffic for various servers and IP addresses, as it provides you with the proper tools to monitor the entire network traffic with ease.