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Version 12.6

Traffic Generator and Monitor is the newest addition to our line of products for

testing telecommunication services, devices, and networks. NTGM or

Network Traffic Generator and Monitor can test TCPIP, UDP, AND ICMP.

NTGM has the ability to stress most networks so that a true measurement can

be taken by our Network Monitor. The Network Monitor can display most

anything there is to monitor on the network or server. We have taken years to

develop NTGM, and we hope you enjoy our product.

Major Applications:

IP Traffic Generation and Measurements on many types of IP Networks

UDP Traffic Generation and Measurements

Each Installation of NTGM provides the use of a TCPIP Server and a

TCPIP Client. Each server can talk to numerous clients installed on other

servers or PCs.

Included in each NTGM installation, are 20 UDP Generators, 20 UDP

Clients, and a ICMP Ping Utility where many instances can be started.

Each installation also includes the Network Traffic Monitor.

All components can be run in automatic mode, meaning set the auto send

configuration to 1 to 60000 Milliseconds on any of the clients.

Many visual displays of the data sent to and from the clients to the servers.

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